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Broncos Football & Cheer!


Rules & What to Expect This Season

By taking a position on one of our teams you are agreeing that attendance at all practices, games, competitions and other team events with be an ABSOLUTE PRIORITY for you AND your family. Cheerleading is a TRUE team sport! We have no bench, no subs, no replacement players waiting in the wings. Due to the nature of the sport the absence of even one participant negatively impacts the success of the team as a whole. When one cheerleader is absent there are automatically at least 3 other team members (stunt group) who cannot practice that day. When two cheerleaders are absent the entire team may be unable to practice. As a result we take out absence and vacation policy very seriously!


  • Attendance is MANDATORY. Absences impact the entire team, and frequent absences (more than 3 per season) may result in your cheerleader being dropped from the team as absences impact the team’s ability to practice complicated stunts.
  • Preseason conditioning camp is MANDATORY and runs from August 3rd through August 21st. Monday through Friday 4:45-7:30

  • Regular Practice begins August 24, three evenings a week

  • Practices will be added to TeamSnap. You MUST sign-up for this as this will be the only means of communication to the entire program. It is your responsibility to keep track of the calendar of events. Coaches and Team Parents will do their best to flag changes.

  • If you miss the Friday practice before the game - you will be removed from halftime.

  • No leaving early, No doctor/dentist/orthodontist appointments scheduled during practice. No missing games.

  • You will come knowing material previously learned.

  • There will be absolutely NO cell phone use at practice.

  • Rides should be figured out before you get to practice/game. One coach is required to stay until all kids are picked up. This means parents MUST be on time to collect their kids


Absences and vacations during scheduled practice times are strongly discouraged and may impact your child’s participation in the Cheer program. The following attendance policy will be strictly adhered to so please plan ahead. If your child plans to be away for the majority of the summer participation in this program may not be the best choice for you and your family at this time.

Cheerleaders are required to attend ALL practices, games, playoffs, championships, camps and competitions – only three absences will be allowed without a doctor’s note or notice of a school field trip. Each cheerleader will be allowed an absolute maximum of 3 absences for any reason. Schedule all doctors, dentist, or orthodontist appointments on other days!    

  • MANDATORY Preseason conditioning camp for 2020 is August 3rd through August 21st. Monday through Friday 4:45-7:30.

  • Regular Season practice begins August 24 and will be 3 evenings a week. Attendance is MANDATORY.

Absences impact the entire team, and frequent absences (more than 3 per season) may result in your cheerleader being dropped from the team as absences impact the team’s ability to practice complicated stunts. Any cheerleader who exceeds his/her three absences may be immediately dismissed from the team.

Absences or late arrivals to practices or games for any reason by a GAME DAY CHEERLEADER may result in limited participation at that week’s game or performance. Participation will be at the coach’s discretion. Additionally, if stunt group adjustments must be made at a practice or game due to the absence of a cheerleader, the cheerleader who takes the place of the missing cheerleader may be given that stunt group position for the remainder of the season.

The only excuses for absence from practice or any other cheer related event are family, faith, illness and academics. Work, other sports and activities such as dance class, parental discipline, babysitting etc. are not valid reasons to miss a game or practice. If you are sick and can’t make it to practice (throwing up/ fever)- I need a note/e-mail/text/call from a PARENT. f you have a minor injury you are still expected to come to practice and watch or participate in a limited manner.

ALL GAMES ARE MANDATORY - failure to attend a game for any reason other than physician documented illness may result in immediate dismissal from the team, and at a minimum will result in the cheerleader being removed from their stunt group position in the halftime routine and the cheerleader WILL BE benched for the following weeks game.

If a team member is ill and misses ANY cheer activity, they must be at HOME or seeking medical appointments. If absences due to illness become habitual the coach may require the cheerleader to provide a note from a doctor to document their absence was illness related.

Every effort shall be made to schedule doctor appointments, etc., so they do not interfere with Cheerleading activities.

Failure to contact the coach to report an absence a minimum of 4 hours prior to the scheduled practice or game start time will result in your cheerleader being benched for that week's game or performance. Failure to contact the coach at all to report an absence WILL result in a cheerleader being immediately dismissed from the cheerleading team.


Late arrival at practice will include running one additional lap for every 5 minutes (or portion thereof) you are delayed past the scheduled arrival time.

Late arrival at a game will result in being benched for a quarter for every 5 minutes (or portion thereof) you are delayed past the scheduled arrival time.

Failure to contact the coach to report late arrival will result in your cheerleader being benched for that week's game or performance. Failure to contact the coach to report a late arrival 3 times WILL result in a cheerleader being immediately dismissed from the cheerleading team.


While we do understand that summer and other school breaks are opportunities for families to get away and spend quality time together, they are also very crucial times for game day cheerleading teams to prepare for the coming season. During the summer months, all cheerleaders must learn 2 half time routines, 40 cheers, all camp material, and safe stunting progressions and techniques. Excessive absences during these time periods do impact the ability for the team to progress, learn and perform as scheduled at the first games of the season.


All cheerleaders will be loaned the program owned skirt, bodyliner, shell uniform pieces, a bag, poms.

All cheerleaders are required to maintain good condition and cleanliness of their uniform by washing it completely on a weekly basis. Uniform pieces should be washed ALONE in cold water and be laid flat to dry. Please DO NOT dry clean or iron - Always remove the garment promptly from the washer once the cycle is completed. Leaving the garment in the washer for prolonged periods of time can cause the fabrics to bleed and/or leave unsightly wrinkles in the garment.

Cheerleaders MAY NOT make any alterations to the fit of a school owned uniform pieces at any time for any reason.

All cheerleaders are required to return the borrowed, program owned skirt and shell to the head coach within one week of the last scheduled cheer event for their season. Failure to do so will result in the issuance of a bill for the total replacement cost of the items (approximately $300). You will also be charged the full replacement cost of the uniform if it is returned stained or damaged in any way.

Cheerleaders will be provided socks and lycra shorts to wear under their skirt.

Cheerleaders will be provided with bows throughout the season. These bows are NOT to be returned. If you lose a bow you will need to pay for a replacement.


Nails must be kept short and artificial nails are not permitted for stunting safety purposes. Nail colors other than neutral tones or French manicures should not be worn during the season due to competition rules. If makeup is worn it should be tastefully applied. You are the most visible athletes on the field.

Hair should be pulled back in a high pony with a bow at all cheer related events unless you are otherwise instructed by the coach.


Running laps or other physical exercises may be used as a disciplinary tool; your child will be motivated by coaches yelling - for them to pick up the pace or run faster. Your child is an athlete and will be pushed. This is an athletic sport where you are expected to condition.

If issues arise related to cheerleading your child should be encouraged to immediately speak to the director who can assist in problem-solving. Parents are strongly encouraged to help their children build the necessary confidence to work things out on their own.


No sweets, soda, chips or unhealthy foods are permitted at practices, competitions or games. Nutrition bars and healthy snacks are permitted.

Cheerleaders must always bring a bottle of water with them to any practices, competitions or game.

Practice Apparel

  • You MUST wear exercise shorts, tops, sports bra and cheer shoes. No street clothes are permitted. Absolutely no jeans, jean shorts, blouses or street shoes. No tops that will be distracting to practice. This means shirts that a cheerleader is constantly pulling down or adjusting during tumbling moves. Cheerleaders who wear distracting shirts will have the option of wearing a very ugly shirt to wear for the rest of the practice or be marked absent.

  • As football players are not allowed to play in inappropriate clothes neither are cheerleaders. Anyone showing up to practice dressed inappropriately will be unable to practice. It will be considered an absence.

  • Long hair MUST be up in a ponytail. Cheerleaders should have a stash of extra with them at all times.

  • No jewelry. This includes watches, earrings and friendship bracelets.

Game Apparel

  • You must wear a neat high ponytail with your game bow. You will be allocated one bow. If you lose your bow you are responsible for the cost of a replacement.

  • Your hair and make-up should look done before each game. No messy buns or un-brushed hair will be acceptable.

  • DO NOT wear any other accessories or jewelry of any kind with your uniform. Jewelry is NOT a part of the uniform and can be UNSAFE when stunting.

  • Uniforms and bags are owned by the Southern Marin Broncos. If you lose, damage or failure to return your uniform you will be charged the full price of the uniform to replace it: $300.
  • Bows provided are to keep. DO NOT return your bows  

Game Day

The following game day guidelines must be adhered to for a smooth football season game day experience:

  • 1 game per week (Saturday or Sunday)

  • Cheering at all games is required. We’ve seen cheerleaders get bored at games especially after they have experienced the thrill of competitions. Cheerleaders who continually lack spirit will be required to have a parent coach meeting to discuss the matter.

  • All Cheerleaders are expected to wear their cheerleading uniform including cheer shoes and designated hairstyle.

Cheerleaders are required to meet one hour before each game- this is our final practice before the game. If you are late for this practice you will be taken out of half-time.

All Cheerleaders should plan to arrive at all games 1 hour before the game READY TO GO. This means, all jewelry is removed, hair is up in the designated hairstyle with the bow in place, cheer shoes are on your feet and you are ready to cheer.

Transportation to all games home and away is the responsibility of the family. We do our best to arrange transportation to all games but this cannot be guaranteed and is dependent upon parent volunteerism.

2-minute rule: Cheerleaders are to be standing in their formation 2 minutes before the start of the game and 2 minutes before the resumption of the game following halftime.

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