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Registration Information

Welcome Bronco Nation!

2021 Registration Open!

All Football and Cheer Registrations are CLOSED for the 2021 Season.

We are thrilled for another Bronco’s Season coming off our two 12U and 14U teams making it to the playoffs. Be sure to register early to lock in pricing. 

Please read this registration information carefully paying attention to the MANDATORY requirements. In previous years we have players and parents disappointed that they lost their roster spot because they failed to read and complete the mandatory requirements. Please don’t allow yourself to be that player or parent. READ CAREFULLY.

Our teams fill up quickly, as such; you will be contacted if you did not register in time.

Once you have completed the online portion of our registration process you will need to properly fill out required forms for your child to keep their roster spot and take the field on August 2, 2021 for mandatory camp. The forms will be sent to you upon completion of registration.

Registration Instructions for Football and Cheer

All players/cheerleaders will need to create an account prior to completing their first registration within the system. Click on the Register button on the top right hand corner of this website to start your registration.

You will need to select a team that is best for your child based on age and weight--as described in the team descriptions. The Broncos reserve the right to move players based on Board approval. So this may not be the team that your child plays on. We will advise you of changes.

Please Note: Your player/cheerleader's ONLINE registration is not submitted until you receive a registration receipt via email from us. Creating an account or simply logging onto the registration system does not register your player/cheerleader. If you intend to register your child to play football or cheer this year, you must proceed through all screens. 

Financial Aid

It is the Broncos operating standard to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to play football or cheer, regardless of financial conditions. If you would like to request financial aid, please email [email protected] before you start the online registration process.

Required Paperwork

As a member of American Youth Football (AYF), we are required to complete several academic, health, and registration forms. We will forward any forms we need from you after you complete your registration. These forms are required to be submitted prior to equipment distribution. No equipment will be distributed without complete paperwork. All paperwork, other than the player's scholastic report card is due by July 1. If any paperwork is missing as of July 1, you will jeopardize your registration / roster spot.

We anticipate requiring 5 documents from you to get your player/cheerleader on the field:

1. STANDARD PLAYER CONTRACT - Player contract filled out completely, signed, dated (2020) with no errors. The emergency contact cannot be same person as parent/guardian.

2. PHYSICAL FITNESS FORM - Parent Page signed by parent/guardian. Physician Portion of form MUST be signed and dated in 2020 with no reference to 2019 with physician stamp or address info clearly written, signed and dated.

3. PROOF OF AGE - We are required to provide an original birth certificate. The name on the birth certificate must match the name on the player contract, exactly (with the exception that the middle name is not required).

4. 2019/2020 COMPLETE REPORT CARD - PLEASE SEND BEFORE JULY 1ST. School name must appear on the letterhead.

Here are additional guidelines to help us avoid problems we have run into in the past

  • There can be no major corrections on your paper work - no white out on ANY forms. You cannot have an error on your player contract or the parent portion of the medical form. If you have questions, please email our Registrar at [email protected]

  • The contract must be signed by both parent/guardian and player, cheerleader and must be the 2021 form.

  • The name on the birth certificate must match the name on the player contract, exactly (with the exception that the middle name is not required).

  • The doctor forms cannot have the prior year date on it anywhere (MUST BE 2021). The form must be filled out and dated by a doctor in the current year.

  • Your help and promptness is very much appreciated!!  We are a 100% volunteer organization and this can be a cumbersome process. Please follow these instructions. The faster we get your paperwork, the faster we can verify that it is accurate and the sooner we can get a correction from you if it is not.

DO NOT EMAIL FORMS. Like last year, we will hold collection dates through the late spring. Stay tuned for dates, times, and locations.

2021 Head Safety Program for Football and Cheer

For our eighth consecutive year, we are proud to offer a leading edge head safety program for 2019 including:

  • Mandatory  health and safety plus football technique training for all Coaches
  • Mandatory Baseline testing for all of our Broncos via Marin General Hospital
  • Mandatory acknowledgement that you received our required Health and Safety forms via our Alliance Management Platform (AMP).
  • 2021 Head Safety Policy that all Parents are required to comply with prior to receiving equipment. To learn more and to review our updated 2021 policy, you must attend the Spring Parents Clinic--see below.

Returning Veteran Players

All veterans are required to register by Sunday, February 21, 12 midnight, to retain their veteran status. Veteran players who register after this date and time, will forfeit their veteran status.

First Year Players

All first-year players are directed to T&B Sports in San Rafael to get their personal equipment including:

  1. practice pants

  2. personalized practice jersey

  3. leg pads

  4. mouth guards Please be sure to get multiple mouth guards as they will wear out through the season.

  5. cleats

  6. belt

The Broncos provide your player with game jerseys, game pants, helmet, helmet sensor, shoulder pads, and equipment bag. All Bronco provided equipment must be returned at the end of the season.


While cheer encourages team enthusiasm the benefits go far beyond “go team!” Participation in the AYF Spirit Program provides kids an opportunity to perform in an organized, supervised, safety-oriented environment. AYF programs emphasize fun for all and encourage the development of qualities important long after AYF days are gone. 

Advocates say that it provides many physical, mental and emotional benefits by teaching important life values such as preparation, dedication, public speaking and working together as a team (read more here). Cheerleading is open to boys and girls ages 5 to 14. You will find more specifics about the cheer program via the cheer dropdown menu located at the top of this page.

MANDATORY Spring Parents Clinic 

Each year, the Broncos hold a Parents Clinic to discuss the Broncos values, expectations and team bonding. You will hear information on our Head Safety Protocol as well as parent/player expectations and much more. This clinic is MANDATORY and you must attend in order to receive your equipment. Dates and times to be communicated shortly.

Payments & Financial Aid

The Broncos strive to make it possible for everyone to play regardless of financial ability. Our registration system requires payment of the registration fee by credit card or debit card at the time of registration. If you need financial assistance and would like to request a financial aid application, please contact our Registrar at [email protected] Financial aid is tied to eligibility for the federal free and reduced hot lunch program. If you are requesting financial aid, your registration process is not complete until your financial aid application is submitted and approved. 

Please note that requesting financial aid does not guarantee that you will receive it.

Roster / Team Assignments

To optimize the player experience, all roster / team assignments will be made with Board approval. Our goal is to maximize the player experience and the number of players we can include in the Broncos, such that they are able to have a positive and safe season. Considerations for roster / team assignments include and are not limited to: previous tackle football experience, player maturity, and player and team competitiveness.

Your player’s coach will contact you prior to the start of Camp in August. Please remember that rosters / team will not be considered final until the end of camp.

Players are placed on team rosters in order of date of registration. Your date of registration is when you complete the process and receive a receipt from us. To retain that registration date you must submit all required forms to the Registrar by July 1st, 2020. Failure to submit completed forms (except for scholastic report card) by July 1st, 2020 will result in your player's registration date being revised to the date your paperwork is received and could jeopardize his or her team placement. PER OUR REGISTRATION PROCESS, YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU FORFEIT YOUR ROSTER SPOT IF THESE FORMS ARE NOT RETURNED CORRECTLY AND ON TIME. THESE DOCUMENTS ARE REQUIRED FOR YOUR PLAYER TO TAKE THE FIELD FOR MANDATORY CONDITIONING CAMP ON AUGUST 3rd 2020!

Please refer to the Paperwork section above for more details on Paperwork and email [email protected] with questions.

Equipment Distribution

Football equipment will be distributed prior to camp. We will communicate with you over the course of the summer to confirm dates and times. Our equipment distribution will be located at 46 Industrial Way, Greenbrae, CA 94904

Cheerleading equipment will be distributed during camp.

Season Opening & Camp

Football and Cheer camps open Monday, August 2nd, 4:45pm at Mill Valley Community Center.

Camp runs Monday through Friday from 4:45pm - 7:30pm, August 2nd through August 20th.

Participation in camp is mandatory for all players/cheerleaders due to safety, player/cheerleader development (physical, intellectual, and emotional), and team development. PER OUR REGISTRATION PROCESS, YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU FORFEIT, WITH NO REFUND, YOUR ROSTER SPOT IF YOU MISS ANY CAMP PRACTICES.

We recognize that families often schedule vacation time in August and scheduling around football/cheer can be tough.  However, August conditioning and practice is an essential part of football/cheer programs everywhere at every level for safety reasons, and safety is our number one priority. Prior to each team taking the field to face their first opponent at the end of August, we must ensure that each player: 

  • Has completed their MANDATORY baseline testing. We will send you emails with dates, times, and steps to register and complete your baseline testing.

  • Has the physical conditioning necessary to allow him to focus mentally on the game for the duration of a football game, and  

  • Has the fundamental skills and knowledge of the game necessary to be safe and productive on the field

We will not permit kids to take the field who do not have the skills and fitness they need to have a good experience during a game, and in order for the kids to acquire the necessary level of fitness and skills, they need to attend camp in August. Beyond that, California State law (AB-1) will require in January of 2021 that each player/cheerleader have a minimum number of practice hours under his/her belt before he/she can be certified for contact football or cheer.

The Broncos reserve the right to vacate roster spots for players who miss even 1 day of camp practice.

Practices throughout the season are MANDATORY as well. Missed practices are guaranteed to impact playing time.

Season Length

The Broncos play in the Northern California American Youth Football League. You can find more information about our league here. Our certification will be in August and games are on Saturday or Sundays throughout the season. The regular season starts after camp and runs though an 8 game regular season, ending in late October. We play Labor Day Weekend. Teams that make the playoffs can play an additional 1-4  games. Playoffs can last through the first week of December, and include travel outside of the San Francisco Bay Area. We expect that each player is committed to the Broncos season through the end of playoffs.

The cheerleading program can run beyond the end of the AYF season due to competitions.

Practice Schedule

Depending on the number of teams, football teams will practice at either Redwood High School or Tamalpais High School. Cheerleading will practice at Redwood.

Practices are 3 days per week, typically 5-7pm. In season practice times may vary based on coaches schedules.

Field Locations

We are scheduled to play all of our home games at Redwood High School, in Larkspur, CA. In-season practices will be held at Tam and Redwood High Schools

Refund Policy

Families who communicate their request for a refund of registration fees to us in writing prior to June 1, 2021 will receive a full refund less administration fees. Families who submit a refund request between June 1, 2021 and June 30, 2021 will receive a refund of 50% of fees paid less administration fees. No refunds will be granted on or after July 1, 2021.

Let's Get Ready to Play some Football and Cheer!

Thank you for your interest in the Broncos! We look forward to seeing you on the football field!!

Joe Rafter
Southern Marin Youth Football

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